ANNOUNCEMENT from True Wrestling Insider

ANNOUNCEMENT from True Wrestling Insider

TWI is thrilled to announce the partnership with All Athlete Exchange (Aka AAE). AAE is a college recruiting firm like no other. AAE will not only help a high school student athlete and their parents navigate their way through the college experience but AAE is highly focused  on the educational aspect for your child. Does your child work as hard on their GPA as they do their sport? For the cost of one Summer athletic camp you can have your eighth grader better focus on their GPA with the help of AAE and their tools. By the time your eighth grader is a senior in high school, their GPA will rival their athletic ability.

AAE offers several levels of membership in this process and TWI members and fans can use our code so we can see how many of our members and fans are taking advantage of these memberships. AAE is offering increased online training for the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Levels…while offering a $500 discount on the Black Level if the student/athlete is accepted.

These TWI codes are as follows:
AAE Level                  TWI Code
Black Level-                 TWI-1
To learn more about the Black Level membership, email AAE at:
Platinum Level-            TWI-2
Gold Level-                   TWI-3
Silver Level-                  TWI-4
TWI Codes must be inputed exactly as seen.

“We want to help a young student athlete gain a better perception of themselves in terms of their academics to better prepare themselves for college”~ S.M. Ross – Managing Director

Please like AAE Facebook page:

Visit their web site at:

I encourage you all to take ten minutes and visit their website. AAE membership could make all the difference for your athlete.

Our codes will work for any sport your athlete is involved in.

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