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I knew of him when he was born. Son of a wrestler a few years older than me. I hoped he would be another wrestler in the Washington City Schools pipeline. I met him after his diaper days. I was taking shingles up a ladder when I first caught a ... Read More


If you have ever worked with a person on the spectrum you know that due to the way their brain is wired, they have hyper-sensitive senses.  It can be just one of the five, such as touch or hearing, a combination of two or more, or all five.  This heightened ... Read More



Kaite’s Story

May 9, 2014
Kaite’s story   Kaite was diagnosed with ADHD 3 years ago and Asperger this January. Kaite has always been our little flower child. She loves everything girly and pink, but she also loves wrestling. Kaite has been wrestling since she has been in kindergarten so this is her fourth year. Kaite has ... Read More


    I was doing some more research on autism and I re-visited a Facebook page I came across a while ago, Wrestling Buddies for Autism Awareness ( . On this page was a link to  a website. ... Read More


  While researching for Autism Awareness I came across this video. It’s actually many videos attached to one link. To be honest, I haven’t watched them all yet but the couple I have watched were very informative. I ... Read More


Nancy Geraci- daughter Ali Dad/Coach- Sam Mom- Nancy Sibling- Anthony 12 Sibling-Gabrielle 8 Ali My husband Sam is the head coach of Headlock Wrestling Academy and assistant varsity coach for Addison Trail HS. ... Read More