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A year and a half ago, she stepped on the mat.  She just wanted to get tough workouts in.  She pushed herself through the reps.  She learned moves.  She fell in love with the sport, but the love was always bitter-sweet. She has been a varsity starter for two years on ... Read More


One mans path to being a wrestler Two years ago, he sat.  Part of it was his knees, part of it was his heart.  His knees were sore.  His heart just wasn't into it.  He didn't care about living up to anyone's hopes and dreams for him.  He didn't share those ... Read More


By Jennie Koenig for IAwrestle Have you considered signing your kid up for wrestling, but are unsure? Parents, can I just take a minute to convince you to have your kids give it a try? Before I begin, let me just say that I do not wish to insinuate that every ... Read More


ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT TWI is thrilled to announce the partnership with All Athlete Exchange (Aka AAE). AAE is a college recruiting firm like no other. AAE will not only help a high school student athlete and their parents navigate their way through the college experience but AAE is highly focused  ... Read More


By Gary Kinzer, Contributor To reach Coach Gary: Fallout Wrestling Club When I was in grade school, I went to the school on the “wrong side of the tracks.”  I saw kids who saw school as a hot meal and a warm place to rest.  I saw kids who had ... Read More


When I was young, I wanted the biggest trophy in the room. To get it, I knew I had to earn it. I wanted the trophy that reminded me of the close finals match to a great opponent. I wanted it to shine in the sunlight, golden. I wanted something ... Read More




Not everyone supports women's wrestling. Sad but true. I have removed the identifying content in this story that was sent to me last year to protect the family. My daughter "joined" the wrestling team for BLANK SCHOOL last year.  She had wrestled before under the Youth Program led by Coach JIM SHOE ... Read More


Wrestling turns boys into men He wasn’t lightning quick. He couldn’t hit a superduck off of the line. His upper body was far bigger than the lower half, but he was my heavyweight, and I loved him just the way he was. His daddy was a wrestler with a ... Read More



Wrestling is for Everybody

November 14, 2014
Wrestling is for EVERYBODY! The first time I met him, his mom did the talking. She explained about his past, the bullying, the torture. She explained that he had Asperger’s Syndrome, something I hadn’t heard of, and that he didn’t like touching, or talking, or getting close to anyone, ... Read More