My Wrestling Summer – By Kobe Ames

My Wrestling Summer – By Kobe Ames

My Wrestling Summer
By Kobe Ames

The past 5 weeks of my summer I have been wrestling with Rob Waller at the All American Wrestling Club and camps. These past 5 weeks I’ve had a great experience wrestling. I learned lots of different technique and different looks. I had the privilege to meet Coaches such as Barry Davis head coach at the University of Wisconsin he was a Olympic Silver medalist and  3 time NCAA National Champion. Sammie Henson 2 time NCAA National Champion and World Champion. Nick Marable who was the first and only  wrestler to beat Jordan Burroughs in International competition. Also met Robbie Waller coach Waller’s son who is a NCAA National Champion out of Oklahoma. As well as Coach Rob Waller and Troy Letters the head coach at Clarion University.

The reason I choose to spend 5 weeks wrestling in PA and CT with coach Rob Waller was to make myself mentally tough, to face tough competition, to be a better wrestler and to be a better person.

The friends that I made Austin Lopez, Gabe Daignean, Carson Saurial, Max and Ian Maloney. These are the guys I spent time with and become friends with in my 5 weeks in PA. What these few guys mean to me is they have my back and want me to be the best I can be. I also want the best for them and we will remain friends for life after spending this time together.

An example of a day at camp with Coach Waller. We would get up and run 2.2 miles in the morning then go eat breakfast. Then 1hr 30 min of mat time with instruction on technique and live goes. Then 1hr break for lunch Another 1hr 30 min of hard work on the mats. Break and dinner time then another 1hr 30 min on the mats. Shower and go to sleep to get up and do it again the next day. These past five weeks have pushed me and taught me that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.

I am so much better at wrestling since spending this time with Coach Waller and the other great Coaches who took time to come in and teach us top notch high caliber wrestling moves. I am eager to get going with my club in Nevada the Battle Born Wrestling Academy to continue to improve as a wrestler and as a person.

We also were able to go see a couple of Pirates games with Coach while back there this was fun to give our minds a little break and just relax a little.

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    My son Tony was at these camps too, he was one of 5 kids that came from Billings, MT to attend

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      I hope Tony had as much fun and learned a lot like Kobe. Best of luck to him.

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