Not Everyone Supports Women’s Wrestling

Not Everyone Supports Women’s Wrestling

Not everyone supports women’s wrestling. Sad but true.
I have removed the identifying content in this story that was sent to me last year to protect the family.

My daughter “joined” the wrestling team for BLANK SCHOOL last year.  She had wrestled before under the Youth Program led by Coach JIM SHOE who is also on your Facebook page. She wanted to wrestle at the high school level in hopes she could become good enough to have a college scholarship.  That was her goal.

She was met with MUCH discrimination from day one of open mats.  She was told by other wrestlers on the team that Coach wanted her “taken out”.  I personally spoke to a couple of the boys and they did in fact confirm the story.  My daughter was made to wrestle the heavyweight for the team that also was a football player.  At the time they wrestled he weighed 285 and my daughter weighed in at 148.  My daughter was sent to the ER on 3 separate occasions during the few weeks she was on the team.  One time was for a neck injury because she was thrown into the wall and landed on the top of her head twisting her neck, was diagnosed with a neck sprain.  The other times were due to shoulder injuries from being put in illegal moves by wrestlers outweighing her by 40 plus pounds.  The last shoulder injury put her on restrictions for over a year!!!!

Now, here is the great part of this story.  My daughter called me from practice one day before the last injury and told me that Coach had pulled all the boys aside and had a private chat with just them.  During said chat, the boys were looking over at my daughter and smirking.  One of the boys came over to my daughter and said’ “he wants us to take you out”.  I immediately got into my car and drove to the school to confront him.  Coach, my sister, and I stood in  hallway to the wrestling room and had a screaming match.  I confronted him about the stories that were being told to me and he in fact DID NOT deny them.  I also confronted him about why he had an issue with a girl on the wrestling team to which he responded, “girls have no moth** fuc**** business on a wrestling mat”.  Yes Sir those were his exact words to me.  We were at that point yelling at each other and I told him I could not believe he would say that to the mother of wrestlers.  He again said that was his belief and nothing would change his mind.  I called the athletic director the very next day and told him about all the issues and concerns I had regarding this coach and he did look into it and the coach ADMITTED he said all those things to me.  NOTHING was done.  My husband and I took our concerns to the Superintendent of the school district, which was this coaches uncle in law.  So yea, nothing was done.

It is no secret this “coach” does not want “girls” on his team.. I have witnessed this man TURN HIS BACK on a girl ON HIS TEAM when she was on the mat wrestling.  He was the assistant at the time and could do nothing about her being on the team BUT he refused to coach her on the mat or work with her in practice.  MANY complaints have been filed against this coach, but for some reason the school will do nothing about it.  He has been reprimanded for many offenses that have happened on school grounds, yet he is still there.  He has done nothing to improve the program in this school. We had 2 very good girl wrestlers on the youth team that are now in Middle school.  Both have REFUSED to wrestle because they know they will not be allowed to wrestle once they reach the High school.  This is sad.  I hope there is a way you can try to help this school district rid itself of a sexist coach.  He is doing us no good.~ anonymous to protect the family from reprisal.

What would you do if this was your daughter wrestler? Although I believe we (wrestling community) are making great strides in women’s wrestling, the fact is not everyone supports this. In fact, like the actions of this Coach and fellow wrestlers, they can be causing great physical, mental, emotional and financial harm.

Mike Houston, Manager
TWI Social Sites

January 28, 2015 / Mike's Motivation

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    I find this hard to believe, yet if half of this story is true and verified, this coach, athletic director and district superintendent have opened themselves up to law suits that will pay all college costs for your daughter plus. And she would deserve it.

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      Not only is it true but I just learned the young lady wrestler sustained permanent damage from her injuries and can no longer wrestle or play softball, the two sports she enjoyed most. The Mother in this story has contacted an attorney. I think the overwhelming support she received from the comments in our group The Wrestling Insider may have given her the encouragement she might have needed. I don’t mean to take any credit at all but sometimes people just need to know they have support. I would imagine they were feeling pretty isolated and intimidated by the behavior of the team and head coach (I hate using this title for someone of such poor character and integrity)

      Thanks for your reply Coach Griffin.

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    i can’t believe this but I agree with coach griffin. Me as a parent I support any sports that my kids want to do and specially wrestling my daughter is one at a high school and my boys do it for a club. And as for that coach he should be fire

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    I hate to say it but I partly agree with the coach. Wait … hear me out. I do agree with the statement that “girls don’t belong on the wrestling mat” but never finished the sentence properly. It should have ended “wrestling boys.” There should be separate teams for the boys and the girls in my opinion. Wrestling is too intimate of a sport to be coed. Not only taking into account the physical strength aspect but also the liability of sexual harassment claims as well. I know if I had a daughter I would not want her rolling around on a wrestling mat with boys of the same age. No doubt that coach should be fired for how he went about things and how is discriminated against the female student. Guys like him make it difficult for the rest of us that are decent.

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      keith, you’re a moron, and probably been pinned by a girl, and your prejudice is showing. and the coach should be fired and prevented from ever coaching kids again, in any sport. ignorance and prejudice is contagious. and the others who aided him should also be fired, and the school system sued.

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    I absolutely believe this! My six year old daughter was declined by two local groups before we found a team who would accept us. I ran into it at our school involving basketball in PE. Gender discrimination is alive and well in sports today. Men who claim to support girls in sports should speak up and do something! Does your son’s school have a girls team or allow girls on the boy’s team? If not, I’d bet its not because there aren’t any girls who would be interested.

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    I’m on a steering committee to restore some wrestling programs in Oregon and the Northwest. Washington has over 1000 lady wrestlers and they have their own tournaments. Some redneck coaches feel like your example here. He should not coach ever again and those that have protected him are just as guilty. Some of this has occurred in Washington and Oregon but not anything close to this. Women’s wrestling can save men’s wrestling. Women need to drop cheer leading and learn to defend themselves. There are 52 date rape drugs out there and despicable men who would use them.

    Just last Sunday, I interviewed Kelsey Campbell a 2012 Olympian. What a young lady! I can forward that interview when the video comes out and my interview with Jim Myerhoff 2 years ago. He started women’s wrestling in Washington.

    Incidences like this will occur but the progress of women’s wrestling in the USA will be relentless. Don’t let the bad guys win. Joe

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