One Mans Path to Being a Wrestler

One Mans Path to Being a Wrestler

One mans path to being a wrestler

Two years ago, he sat.  Part of it was his knees, part of it was his heart.  His knees were sore.  His heart just wasn’t into it.  He didn’t care about living up to anyone’s hopes and dreams for him.  He didn’t share those hopes and dreams himself.  He didn’t really want to be there, so he sat.

I let him, muttering under my breath.  I saw something, but he couldn’t see it for himself.  He didn’t want to see it.  He just wanted to put his head down so he didn’t see anything at all.  I let him, hoping eventually he would rise.

Somewhere along the way, he lifted his head.  Somewhere along the way, he stood up.  Somewhere along the way his knees weren’t quite so sore.  It’s not easy being the big guy, when you are not quite ready to be the big guy.

When he stood, he decided to run.  He decided to do push ups.  He decided to work out when no one was watching.

He found wrestling after a year of sitting in the wrestling room.  All he had to do was look up.

Last year he no longer sat.  He was in a three-way battle for the top spot.  Sometimes he won the battle.  Sometimes he came in second.  Sometimes he came in third.  He found his love of the sport wrestling two guys every day.  Brannon Rott and Christian Sanchez pushed him to his limits.  His t-shirt soaked with sweat, leaving slug trails behind wherever he landed on the mat.

Although things didn’t go his way in his second year, his head found its new place looking up.

Over the summer his new love became a passion.  He ran without being chased, with bricks strapped to his back.  He pushed his body to the limits and forgot about the sitting, forgot about the knees, and forgot about where his heart formerly rested.  He did this without being seen, without anyone noticing, until he grabbed them.

Two years ago he sat.  Today, he stood the tallest he has ever stood.  Congratulations Tyler Michael, you earned your spot.  Never let your head fall down again.

By Gary Kinzer, Contributor to

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