Reminder about Internet Safety – Stay True

Reminder about Internet Safety – Stay True

Internet and your children–as the Manager of several social sites, I want to do my best to make sure we are creating a safe environment for all legal age users to interact worry free. For this reason I have put this article together with the help of information from several professional law enforcement sites.We do check every person that requests to join our closed group The Wrestling Insider but that’s not always 100% accurate. We can only go off information accessible to us. When you are a member of an open group the content shared on that page is available to be seen by the public. I like the closed group option better because only our approved. Team Members can see our content. This does create a somewhat safer environment.

Keep an eye on the following: (these are good for any social sites)
– if anyone ever private messages you for anything that can be shared in your group, I would avoid this interaction. Especially if they ask for personal information.
– never give your personal information to someone that really doesn’t need it in a private message or elsewhere.
– be mindful of what information you are sharing when your children may be staying in a hotel during a travel tournament. This is the main reason my groups are “closed groups”. The public can not see this information, only existing members of the groups see it. You can tell what type of group you are in by looking to the right top margin. It will say; open, closed or secret.
– never, never, never agree to meet with someone one on one that you don’t personally know.
– stay away from posting pictures with distinguishing marks in them in private locations such as; home address, license plates, street corner signs, landmarks (if landmark is near a residence you are staying at)
– be careful on sharing when your home will be empty for any extended period of time or when any minor may be at home alone. If you feel the need to post something like this, at least thank the people that will be house sitting for you (it’s ok to lie in this situation). There are stories of people posting their new flat screen TV, new ATV or new jewelry from Christmas then saying they are going on a 7 day vacation with the family.
– while on vacation, if you post pictures with your entire family in them I would encourage you to again make reference to the people you have house sitting while you’re gone. Many people look for easy or “soft” targets. If a criminal thinks there is someone in your home it is likely that they will move on.
– while on vacation have someone take in your mail and papers from your driveway or put a stop on delivery at your local post office. Either set your exterior lights and select interior lights on timers. This is easy to do with plug in lamps and you can find timers at your local hardware or home building supply store. For hard wired switched lights you may need the help of a licensed electrician to put a timer on your electric service panel breakers.
– if you have a friend or friends that can house sit for you, this would be ideal. You can ask your local police for an extra patrol around your home at night. Many can accommodate a little extra help in this area.
– if someone or something makes you uncomfortable I would side on being overly cautious. If something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Who you communicate with is your choice. Don’t feel like you are hurting someone’s feelings by blocking or removing them from your contacts.
– keep track of all your kids social profiles and the user names and passwords to access them. In my home there is no privacy in this area, my home-my rules. Do spot checks on their activity at all different times. They don’t need to know when you do this unless there is a problem with their content.

These are not intended to scare you but I have 2 daughters and one son all 12 and under so these things are topics we discuss often in our home. There may be some unique features to your geographic location, please take some time and review if you should add any specific guidelines for your home. Let’s keep our children safe and enjoy the Internet for the good we get from it.

Mike Houston
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August 26, 2014 / Mike's Motivation

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