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Sports Psychology

Sports psychologist

I talked with a wrestler last year that was in 8th grade. It was middle of January and he started feeling the pressure of placing in state for his final year as a youth wrestler. I’m sure this wrestler is not the only 8th grader that felt this way. It probably didn’t help much that his Dad never missed an opportunity to remind him that he will be starting high school later that same year. This was also a constant reminder that this was his last opportunity to wrestle in the youth state championship. I never would have thought this kid would feel this way, he always put on a tough, confident face. I mentioned to his Father he should have him talk to a sports psychologist, this was after sending him some articles on mental mindset which helped but didn’t get his confidence to the level he would need if he wanted to make the Grand March (the two finalists at each weight would walk in a grand March prior to the finals with the lights dimmed and spotlights on the wrestlers) His Father dismissed this and said he couldn’t afford to talk to a sports psychologist about this–without even getting a cost. He just assumed it was going to be too expensive. I asked the Father how much he spent on wrestling camps and traveling to tournaments in the last few years. He said it had to be in the thousands. I concluded with, “wouldn’t a few hundred dollars make sense to reach his full potential from those thousands you spent”?

It’s kind of funny that a parent is so willing to spend a few thousand dollars on their wrestler to attend camps, clinics and travel all over to wrestle in big National events in 6th through 8th grade or even younger. But when faced with a problem or hurdle of the mind they don’t see the value in spending a little money to talk with a sport psychologist to help get through whatever is blocking the wrestlers confidence. (I say a little money as opposed to the money spent on an intensive type camp). Not all wrestlers need a sports psychologist but when all other measures prove unsuccessful, this option is available.

True Wrestling Insider has partnered with Jeff and Gene Zannetti of Wrestling Mindset. Both are sports psychologists and do a lot to help coaches and athletes of wrestling. Jeff and Gene will be working with us in our sponsorship program to better prepare our wrestlers to confidently take to the mat in a National Tournament, if they need it. I’m a firm believer in using whatever tools are at your disposal to get the best performance possible.There are many wrestlers that are very comfortable taking to the mat in a high stakes tournament with all the bells and whistles that go along with that. Then there are others that just need some extra tools to release the beast from within.

I really look forward to our next season of sponsoring student wrestlers to National events with Jeff and Gene Zannetti on our Team.

Jeff and Gene have a lot of great content on their web site that can go a long way on getting your mindset ready for the season right around the corner. Like their page and bookmark their site.

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    Great to see content on mental strength. Our parents are hyper focused on competition and need to know that getting mental training for their child can be a big part in the end result. I personally asked jeff and Gene for guidance on a family issue during practices and competitions and they were more than glad to talk with me and give me some guidance from a professional outside of our room.
    I just wanted to personally thank them and TWI for spreading the wealth of knowledge and choosing to help mold and affect the lives of so many children.

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