True Wrestling Interview with Alli Ragan

True Wrestling Interview with Alli Ragan


Pictured from left: Kat Perez, Bridget Houston, Alli Mackenzie Ragan, Chloe Houston.


We started a new program this past week in our closed group The Wrestling Insider. We will have a special guest from the elite wrestling community. Our Team Members will be able to leave questions for this wrestler or Coach from Monday through Wednesday. I will then send the questions to Evolution Wrestling Camps for their answers. I will then put it together and our Webmaster James Duda of Juiced Marketing will post to our web site.

We hope you enjoy our first guest Alli Mackenzie Ragan.


Question– Mike Houston- You have recently joined the team at Evolution Wrestling. Camps. What’s it like to have so many great people and wrestlers on this team of clinicians?
Do you have any camps coming up?

AnswerAlli Mackenzie Ragan– I don’t have any camps coming up this summer because our summer schedule is so jam packed with overseas trips and national team camps. Hopefully we will be able to do some camps after worlds.

AnswerMichael Maloney (Owner Evolution Wrestling Camps)- We will definitely be doing some camps after world


Question– Jeremiah Jack Butteris- How would you try and convince a girl to choose wrestling over basketball if she was waivering? What’s ur pitch?

AnswerAlli Mackenzie Ragan I love wrestling because it can be for any girl no matter how tall, short, skinny, etc. There are so many weight classes that the girls can fall into that size doesn’t matter and I love that about wrestling! I think in basketball to be at the Olympic and World level you have to be at least 6 foot something, but with wrestling you can wrestle at a high level if you’re 5 foot or 6 foot and anywhere in between. As long as you train hard and work your butt off you can be as good as you want to be! Wrestling is just a great sport!

Private message I received- “Good evening Mike! Just wanted to say thank you for creating the Special Guest – Alli Ragan event. Not many wrestlers have the opportunity to talk to elite wrestlers. I am very thankful for this opportunity. May God richly bless you.”~ anonymous.

Question-Jenna Rose Burkert– Dear Allison Mackenzie Ragan,
Why do you constantly burp so much in a practice?

Answer- Alli Mackenzie Ragan Haha that’s a good question Jenna! I can’t help that I have a burping problem once I start working out.


Question- D.j. Dal Pizzol– Hi Alli, I’ve come across parents all over the US that cringe when their son has to face a girl on the mat. I’ve seen parents refuse to send their son out for a match.. Yes, crazy… It’s getting better, but there is still a lot of that sentiment out there. I’m sure it’s something you have experienced. What advice could you share with the parents of girls facing the same situation, as well as to the parents of boys who still aren’t on board with mixed gender matches. Thank you

 Answer- Alli Mackenzie Ragan– Until I got to college, all I wrestled was boys and I attribute a lot of my wrestling now to that. Parents who do that are cowards and just don’t want their son getting beat by a girl! My advice to the parents of girls going through that is to encourage your daughter in a positive way and make sure she knows it won’t always be like that. Also, my advice is that wrestling boys is great and it will make your daughter 10x better, but take her to as many girls tournaments as possible to build her confidence and see how good she is against other girls. Getting beat up by boys day in and day out really broke my confidence and almost made me want to quit at times so definitely getting matches with other girls will help tremendously!


Question- Adrena Ng– What was your motivation to start wrestling? Has the same motivation carried you through to where you are now?
 Answer- Alli Mackenzie Ragan– My motivation to start wrestling was definitely to try and get closer with my older brother and my Dad. My Dad has always been my coach and before I started I saw how close my brother and him got from wrestling and it was like a bond they had so I wanted in on it! And now my Dad and I still share that bond and he still coaches me!
Question-Brandon Wood-Caleigh says hi Alli and would like to know your favorite food? She says hers is pizza!!
 Answer- Alli Mackenzie Ragan– Tell Caleigh I say hi and that I miss her! My favorite food when I’m not trying to make weight are Oreos and cake pops!
Question- Mike Houston- To compare women’s wrestling now from when you started–what do you see as the biggest gains?
How long have you been wrestling?
 Answer- Alli Mackenzie Ragan I see the biggest gains in women’s wrestling being how the sport has grown. Growing up it was rare to see a girl wrestle but now it’s so common and once we keep getting this wonderful sport out there it will continue to grow! I’ve been wrestling since I was 7!
Question- Brent Harvey– Where do you see yourself when your 40 and what will you be doing?

Answer- Alli Mackenzie Ragan– When I’m 40 I see myself as an athletic director at a university with a family!

Question- Sherry Horton– What is your favorite move?

Answer- Alli Mackenzie Ragan Low single for sure!


I want to thank Alli for her participation in our first Q&A and Michael Maloney of Evolution Wrestling Camps for his cooperation and help in setting this up.

Don’t miss next week’s special guest—–Quentin Wright.


Mike Houston


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