Wrestling in the Olympics

Wrestling in the Olympics

When it comes to securing a spot in the Olympics as a core sport, we seem to have fallen asleep again. Seeing shirts on social media saying “Mission complete” or “We did it” are just someone’s way of cashing in. The truth is we are not done by a long shot. Unless you’re satisfied being provisional sport (which means wrestling is subject to future votes by the IOC on our Olympic fate). For me, I will not be satisfied ever, neither should you. Satisfaction promotes complacency and one thing a champion wrestler never should be is complacent. As the saying goes, if you’re not moving forward you must be moving backwards.
Here is a great comment Vickey left in our closed group The Wrestling Insider.

Mike Houston
Manager, www.truewrestlinginsider.com

“Here’s my wrestling mom $.02. It all comes down to each and everyone one of us; coaches, wrestlers, parents and fans. We all have to stay on top of our game. Complacency is already setting in and we need to nip this in the bud, right now! We are wrestling. What example does it set for our athletes if we’re willing to “settle ” for being a provisional sport when we deserve to be “permanent”? For as long as I can remember, when I hear the word Olympics, I see a wrestler.
We all have to get on board and do our part. Parents, we need to support our local programs and our wrestlers. Coaches, you need to be leaders and work with your team, the entire team not just a few favorites. And not just during the regular season, encourage camps and clinics. Parents this is on us too! Don’t sit back and whine that your wrestler isn’t getting better because the coach is busy etc. Who says the coach has to go with you? Learn the G.O.Y.A. method and you help make it happen for your kids.
Parents and wrestling fans get your butts in the stands! It breaks my heart seeing so many empty seats and knowing how hard our athletes work. I don’t care if your local team is awful, go support them. Perhaps just a little support will build their confidence and encourage them to work harder and improve.
Coaches encourage your parents and get them involved, stop avoiding us! Sure we can be a pain in the neck but a little communication can go a long way.
We all have to work together from a local level to the highest level. We’ve done it before let’s do it again! We can’t let up! Not ever!”

By Vickey Lynn Syme
Contributor www.truewrestlinginsider.com

August 10, 2014 / Wrestling in the Olympics

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