Youth all girl wrestling events- IGWT

Youth all girl wrestling events- IGWT


Female wrestling events–for the new parents that may not be as tuned in to the all girl events in the Midwest, here it is in a nutshell.
Girls events are far and few between. They never seem to be on the most ideal weekend or in the most ideal location. Many times they’re not. What you have to understand is that although female wrestling is growing fast, it still has a long way to go. Here at IGWT we try to make it as easy as possible for any girls that want to compete. We reserve a 15 passenger van and a mini van. The response we get from you will determine which one we take. We also block out rooms at the host hotel and we hope that more wrestlers would use these rooms than adults, after all were there to wrestle. We do understand that you may want to travel with your daughter and will try to accommodate as many as possible. We are well connected with many female supporters and event organizers all around the country and we always look for the closest, best event to attend. We wish the Illinois organizations would have events identified by now and we would certainly place a higher importance on those events. The bottom line for IGWT is that we want to build the most competitive team possible and supply our girls with the best competition to make them better. We will not create the next generation of World Team members by sitting around here waiting for things to happen. As the whole idea of wrestling is wrestlers don’t wait for things to happen, wrestlers make things happen. We would hope you would take advantage of all the hard work G2 Training Center/Gilbert Grappling, IGWT administrators and Mike Houston have done in getting a sponsor to cover some costs for competition, all the promotion of female wrestling done by this page, relationships cultivated with other supporters and travel arrangements that are made for each event. You have to decide for yourself if traveling to events is worth it for your daughters future in wrestling and if you’re willing to help grow our sport. Every single entry matters at these all girl events. Having a sponsor will definitely allow for money to be spent on travel to additional events and fliers to help get our sport promoted but if we had more sponsorship, we could do even more. If you or someone you know has the authority at your company or firm to approve sponsorships, we would hope that you allow us the opportunity to discuss why a sponsorship to IGWT would be mutually beneficial.
If you have any size donation that you could spare, we would greatly appreciate it. We are falling way short of our goal of $3,000. At this point  we are only at $400. It seems more people say they support female wrestling than actually put their words to actions. If every one of our page fans gave $5, we would be able to fund nearly this entire season. In the last approximately 4 months we have had 4 people donate $100. The other $300 is from me. Our donation web site (link below) has been shared over 160 times. This means that potentially hundreds of thousands of people have seen our site and not given a penny. Some people say female wrestling has the potential of saving the college men’s wrestling programs and even wrestling in the Olympics. I don’t see how this will be possible when we can’t even get  people to donate to get a well organized youth girls wrestling team. We just had three of our youth female wrestlers take first place in the Pre Season Nationals in Iowa against all boys. We have the talent, we have the coaches and we have the organization–what we don’t have is the funding. So, female wrestling may not be able to save itself let alone college programs or the Olympics. If we don’t get these girls in competitive, well run programs now we will never be able to contend with the Japanese or Chinese for World Medals. If you would like to donate, here is the link. Thanks.
Most girls already registered with a boys club and we are not looking to replace your boys team. We are simply offering you the opportunity to practice as a dual team so we can be competitive against Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, Tennessee, and others and also travel to the only all girl events in the Midwest. Other boys clubs do this type of thing all the time so it should not be any different for the girls.
My goal for this year is that we need to rent multiple 15 passenger vans to fit all the wrestlers that want to get better. Please don’t miss these opportunities, if we don’t take advantage of them now they may not be there next year.
November 13, 2013 / Female Wrestling

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